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Ticket includes: The Book of Kells & Old Library • Gaia • Secret Life of the Collections • Book of Kells 360 • Long Room reimagined

See the book Feel the history Hear the story

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Your Experience includes:

The Book of Kells & Old Library

Experience Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure like never before. In the Old Library, awe at the wonder of the Book of Kells, and marvel at the Long Room, considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

Gaia at the Old Library

Experience Gaia, the spectacular illuminated sculpture of Earth by Luke Jerram now on display in the Old Library.

Secret life of the collections

Continue your journey in the Secret Life of the Collections, where you’ll be enchanted as stories and sculptures come to life before your eyes.

Book of Kells 360

Embark on an extraordinary immersive voyage in The Book of Kells 360, a spectacular journey in light and sound of the ancient masterpiece’s history.

Long Room reimagined

And finally, step into a reimagined Long Room and see both the past and the future through breathtaking digital projections.

Coming soon

Ticket includes: The Book of Kells & Old Library • Gaia • Secret Life of the Collections • Book of Kells 360 • Long Room reimagined


Want to visit today?

The Book of Kells & Old Library is available to visit today and open 7 days a week. Click on the button below to browse and book available tickets.

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Book of Kells Experience

Your ticket includes entry to the Old Library where you will view the world-famous Book of Kells and experience Gaia, the spectacular illuminated sculpture of Earth in the Long Room. Afterwards, embark on a 360 immersive journey inspired by the Book of Kells and the Old Library’s precious collections.

Your visitor experience spans across two buildings that are located less than a other, within Trinity campus.

Firstly, you will enter the Old Library, home to the Book of Kells and the Long Room library chamber. Then you will cross to the Pavilion to embark on a 360 immersive journey. The Pavilion is located 1 minute’s walk from the Old Library building.

Your ticket to the Book of Kells Experience includes access to the Long Room, where you can experience Gaia, an illuminated sculpture of Earth.

We recommend allowing an hour and a half for your entire visitor experience from start to finish.

All books from the Long Room have been removed as part of the historic Old Library Redevelopment Project, with the exception of the first four bays as you enter the space.

Online booking is strongly recommended for the Book of Kells Experience and entry is timed.

We are open 7 days a week and our opening hours vary depending on the time of year.

Tickets are non-refundable once purchased.


There are no toilets in the Old Library, however there are toilets available at the Pavilion building. Please ask a member of our team to direct you to the toilets if you need to use the facilities during your visitor experience.

The Old Library is fully wheelchair accessible. On arrival, please speak to one of our staff members who will arrange for a Library Guard to assist you in using our elevator and accessing all areas of the exhibition. The Pavilion is also fully wheelchair accessible and is located on one ground floor.

Concession tickets are available for senior citizens and students. Students are required to present a valid student card upon entry.

Primary-Secondary teachers: please contact bookofkells@tcd.ie for more information.

Educational groups: please book at the group rate on our website.

We recommend allowing yourself 90 minutes to take in the full visitor experience.

Non-flash photography is allowed for personal and non-commercial purposes throughout the Experience. Photography in the Treasury where the Book of Kells is housed is forbidden due to the sensitive nature of the manuscript. Tripods are not permitted. It is the visitor’s responsibility to ensure no copyright is infringed.

There are no storage facilities available in the Book of Kells Experience.

Trinity students and staff are welcome to visit the Book of Kells Experience free of charge and they can bring up to 2 guests.

Pre-booking is essential in all instances:

To book go to https://www.tcd.ie/visitors/book-of-kells/tickets/ and type your Trinity student or staff number into the promo code box. You can then choose the time slot available.

These complimentary tickets are limited so if a time slot is not available, please try another.

Please note that there is a maximum number of complimentary tickets that each student and staff members can avail of in a given academic year.

Trinity alumni are welcome to visit the Book of Kells of Kells Experience free of charge and they can bring up to 2 guests. Pre-booking is essential.

To book please email bookofkells@tcd.ie with your preferred date and time of visit, allowing at least 3 working days’ notice.

Booking is subject to availability.

Trinity Trails Guided Tour

A guided tour is available of Trinity campus with a Trinity Trails tour guide. Your tour will finish at the Old Library and from that point onwards your experience is self-guided. Learn more about Trinity Trails walking tours here:  https://www.visittrinity.ie/trinity-trails/

Trinity Trails walking tours take in a 45 minute loop of Trinity campus, before your guide drops you off at the Old Library, where the Book of Kells Experience begins.

The tours follow accessible walkways across Trinity campus. Please be advised that from time to time, there may be an area that is not entirely suitable, in which case there will simply be a slight delay on route. If you plan on visiting with a wheelchair, please reach out in advance by emailing us at: trinitytrails@tcd.ie