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The Old Library
Virtual Private Tour

Tune in from any corner of the world to experience this extraordinary virtual tour and Q&A. Professionally produced to the highest standards, with stunning audio-visual equipment, which amplifies the wow factor from start to finish.

Your guide

Anne-Marie Diffley, who has managed the Book of Kells Visitor Experience for over 20 years is your host for this virtual private tour.

Join Anne-Marie on a journey through the intricate artistry of the Book of Kells and learn fascinating insights on how it was made. Next, explore the breath-taking Long Room, one of the world’s most beautiful libraries and home to 250,000 of Trinity’s most ancient books.

Enquiring minds can then have their burning questions answered via a live Q&A session, an exclusive addition which can be tailored to your group’s requirements.

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Visit the Book of Kells and the Long Room

The Book of Kells Exhibition is a must-see on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin. Located in the heart of Dublin City, a walk through the cobbled stones of Trinity College Dublin, brings visitors back to the 18th century, when the magnificent Old Library building which displays the Book of Kells was built.

Discover how the world’s most famous medieval manuscript was made and learn about the symbolism behind it’s intricate illustrations. Afterwards, explore the breathtaking Long Room, that houses over 200,000 of Trinity College Library’s oldest books. The exhibition is open 7 days a week.
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Top 10 most asked questions about the Book of Kells & Old Library

Take a journey through the Book of Kells & Old Library with the top 10 most asked questions.
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Symbolism in the Book of Kells

Dr Rachel Moss explores the hidden meanings behind the illustrations of the Book of Kells. Learn more about the Book of Kells with Trinity’s free online course: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/book-of-kells

“Our Members loved the Behind The Scenes Tour of the Library in the Long Room at Trinity College Dublin, and hearing the amazing history behind the Book of Kells. The video was beautifully personalized and of a professional quality .We truly appreciate all you did in managing the production, this remarkable tour did IWF Ireland and Trinity College proud.”

Paul Jonhson

2021 International Women’s Forum

“Thank you once again for the organization of the virtual tour! It was made in a very professional way and the quality was extremely high. We liked a lot that you referred to the scope of our conference and addressed the role of science in maintaining the library.”

Justyna Sliwa

2020 Nano Scientific Forum