The Pride of Trinity Trails

An immersive walking tour through Trinity’s LGBTQ+ history.

The Pride of Trinity Trails Tour

Take an immersive walking tour through Trinity’s historic campus, while learning about the university’s involvement in LGBTQ+ history. Visit the stomping grounds of Oscar Wilde and trace back in time to the societies that debated legalising homosexuality long before it was part of Irish public discourse.

Journey through the decades to the early 1970s when Trinity students and lecturers founded the Sexual Liberation Movement, the first of its kind in Ireland. Learn about its founding members who drove the groundbreaking ‘Campaign for Homosexual Reform’, which eventually led to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Ireland.

Tour length: 45 minutes

Price: €13.50

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About your guide

Hello! I’m Tess. I just graduated from History and Sociology at Trinity. With a degree in History and Sociology it comes as no surprise that I am interested in LGBTQ+ history. I hope my tour of Trinity College and it’s links to the LGBTQ+ movement will impart some of my passion on to you.

Tour timings

June 15th 11am and 2pm
June 22nd 11am
June 29th 2pm

Meet your guide

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