Top 5 tips for entering our Creative Competition

Everyone can all fall foul of a creative block now and then, but the trick is to try and progress past that block to reach your eureka moment. This year, the Book of Kells Creative Competition invites contestants to share art and writing that evoke the beautiful colours featured in the Book of Kells, the 9th century masterpiece renowned for its rich, colourful decoration.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you find inspiration for your art or writing entry:

Individuality is the basis of all creativity. Always think twice about your entry idea and try to be as unique as possible. If it’s the most obvious idea, you can guarantee that another entrant will have come up with something similar. Winning ideas are different – they stand out for their unusual approach – so think differently and flaunt what makes you uniquely you in your Book of Kells-inspired piece.

How often is your attention diverted from a task by the eye-catching lure of your mobile phone? While technology can certainly be a great source of inspiration, it can also inhibit creative thinking, making thinking outside the box an impossible task. The amount of information that we receive from smart phones and computers daily can be overwhelming. Sometimes, simply taking a break from this sensory overload can inspire new art and writing ideas

Switching things up every now and then can also be just the ticket to get your creative juices flowing. Different environments can keep things fresh, so try sketching or writing in the park as well as at home or brainstorming creative ideas on the way to school or work. What’s more, physical activity can help ‘step up’ your creativity, so taking a break and going for a walk can be helpful. New ideas can be hiding in plain sight, often where you would least expect them!

Inspiration can strike at any moment, even when you are out and about recharging your creative battery. Carry a notebook to write down any promising creative thoughts as they come to you so you can remember them for later. Putting pen to paper rather than taking notes on a computer also means you are less likely to be distracted by those pesky social media notifications.

The Book of Kells and Old Library  has now reopened following a brief hiatus, so entrants can once again be inspired by the book’s beautiful hues up close and personal – and with striking shades of blue, green, white and pink throughout, a wealth of inspiration awaits. And for those who would rather learn more about the ancient tome from the comfort of their own home, we invite you to take full advantage of our inspirational materials, handily stashed online here for your viewing pleasure.

The Book of Kells has been a rich source of artistic inspiration for generations and is proof of the lasting joy art can bring. With the help of these tips, we hope you can realise your creative potential this Autumn.

The very best of luck!

The deadline for entries to the 2020 Book of Kells Creative Comeptition is 30 October. Learn more here: